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meetmagic is a B2B platform with over 50,000 C Level Executives 

SEARCH, REQUEST or BOOK a meeting with them 


meetmagic is the Holy Grail For Sales

meetmagic is designed for salespeople because we know how hard it is to get airtime with the C-Suite to tell your story.

For just US$35  you can now SEARCH, REQUEST or BOOK to meet decision makers.

Not only have we made it easy for you, something magical happens when you are both aligned to help change the world.

With both hearts and minds open, we have seen great sales results come from our "Altruistic" meetings  

This is the holy grail you have been waiting for

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Be Honest How Many Times Have You Felt Like This in Your Sales Career?

Better Business, Faster.

Accessing business leaders and decision makers, while simultaneously making a positive social impact is the new normal. With meetmagic you can say goodbye to meaningless cold calls and focus on having simple conversations that count. 

Open doors with a conversation aimed to create shared value and connect with the right decision makers, at the right time, for the right reason. 

We know you just want to tell your story to someone that will listen.


 Meetmagic has proven to be very effective at securing meetings for me with some key businesses and most importantly with key decision makers. And there's a feel good factor about the charitable approach which makes it a great way to open the conversation

Ian Robinson, Sales Director,

Do You Know Your Conversion Rates and What a Sales Qualified Opportunity is?

Unlike traditional demand generation providers, our individualised fees help increase and track your ROI by only charging for the meetings you make. 

If your cost per SQO allows for a healthy profit margin, excellent! But if your cost is too high, it’s an indicator that something isn’t right. For example, sales might be a bit selective in re-qualifying the leads you already paid for  and often reject them because they know how bad they can be sometimes. No one wants to waste time.

BUT sales will NEVER turn down an opportunity to meet with business leaders and decision makers.


 I’ve been endlessly impressed with the quality of the meetings I’ve been having after teaming up with Meet Magic. The pressure is off and you can have a proper first conversation, no matter who you’re meeting. An excellent solution to an age-old problem.

Seth Cornwall, Sales Director, Teneo Pty Ltd 

Real-Time Change

Our objective is to get you in front of business leaders fast by making appointments faster than you can say ‘social impact’

You can see every dollar you contribute to Australia’s not for profit organisations with real time communications and proof of payment delivered straight to your inbox.

Fifty percent of every appointment setting fee is delivered to the charity of choice, every time. 


Complete Oversight

Access, control, and collaborate over which organisations your team meet with through our integrated approval process and google drive access

Privacy Guaranteed 

Your information, donations, and meetings are in safe hands. Only you can see who you’re meeting with and we never disclose your sensitive information.


Access new contacts you didn’t know existed with the largest shared-value creating network in Australia. 



Our internal code of ethics and business practices uphold a commitment to ethical behaviour and accountability for the choices we make.

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