You are the start of something great!

Find out why 1000+ senior executives are hosting regular business meetings that
1. Creates a sense of purpose and pride at work. Even during COVID
2. Support leadership, employee engagement and ESG Targets
3. Solves business problems and supports communities
...all at the same time 

Your time is important

But sadly, far too many meetings still could have been an email.
Covid has changed the way we work, we are changing the way you meet.
Executives meet changemakers, solve business problems and support their community at the same time.
"I am sure we can all free some time up to understand new options, avenues, models and partners - and doing good in this way is also hugely rewarding." Anastasia Cammaroto  Chief Information Officer, Consumer, Strategy & Enterprise Services Westpac Group

Meet with the worlds best global innovation leaders and support your favourite charity at the same time. We donate $700 for every 45 min meeting you host.  YOUR TIME IS VALUED WITH MEETMAGIC
By moving a little time to things you care about, magic happens.
"Eight months ago I had a baby girl. It really hit home what's important to you in your life. Meeting for Good is business as usual, making a difference." 

Nick Molnar - CEO & Co-Founder - Afterpay

How does it work?


Executives simply host a 45 minute meeting


Members put in a request for the executive's time



meetmagic curates the meeting



meetmagic donates valuable $ to charity

Schedule a 5 min call


Join a cohort of almost 1000 senior executives from companies including Daimler Mobility, Deloitte, Goldman Sachs, NAB, Publicis Groupe, Telstra Health, Wesfarmers, Westpac, and many more.
Every meetmagic meeting is curated to suit the best interest of our executives. Once on-board, we will notify our members of your availability. They will come back to us with a profile, if we deem it suitable, we will contact you. 
Many of our meetings result in aligning companies with innovative solutions, creating long term relationships built off the back of philanthropy.



As an executive, you will have the opportunity to join meetings with leaders from our 50+ companies including Google, Dell, Okta, Blackberry, Github, Crowdstrike, Kaspersky, and more game-changers of the digital world 

Meeting Fee


The Meeting for Good campaign with Starlight Childrens foundation has raised over $350,000, and helped over 9,000 kids access support for the entire length of their hospital stay. 

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"I’ve now taken three (virtual) meetings so far and have enjoyed the conversations with all three members and potentially collaborating with them in the future."

Lucy Yueting Liu, Co-Founder, Airwallex

Complete Oversight

Through our integrated approval and scheduling process, we ensure each meeting is vetted and relevant to your organisation. 

Privacy Guaranteed 

Your information on meetings are in safe hands. Only you can see who you’re meeting with and we never disclose your sensitive information.

Stronger Governance

Transparency - Work with business partners like meetmagic that create a safe workplace, are honest, and act responsibly towards the environment.


Our internal code of ethics and business practices uphold a commitment to ethical behaviour and accountability for the choices we make.

Are you a business leader from a large scale or ASX listed company? We'd love to talk.

Our library of members is expanding all the time, however, as we are at the beginning of our journey.
Neither Rome nor Wikipedia was built in a day!
Collaborate with meetmagic to re-think the value of your time, and help turn the everyday business meeting into something more purposeful.
Join a community of hundreds of executives making a difference

Join the Movement and See the Difference 45 mins can make

"An absolute pleasure! We had a great conversation, a lot of laughs and a good connection. I’d love to do more for the kids and families!"

Jeroen Bleeker, Chief Digital Officer Mercedes Benz Australia