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a new world order 

Imagine a world where creating shared-value was the norm; where your corporate social responsibility efforts were so deeply integrated into your business practices that every business action resulted in a social impact outcome. Well you can stop imagining and start making magic.

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Transform the way your organisation creates shared-value and change the world.


Stronger Internal Culture

While corporate social responsibility and cause marketing campaigns receive the attention they deserve, real brand success lies in creating shared value. Working with meetmagic allows your organisation to demonstrate the role you play in aligning business outcomes and social impact.

And as the future of work empowers a new values-driven workforce, meetmagic supports your employees individual charity preferences to increase your corporate social responsibility footprint, reduce employee churn, and drive employer brand value.

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As a charity leader I often find that the most important conversations, for the success of my organisation, are the one's that I'm not even in. And that is exactly what meetmagic facilitates. The important conversations that have a significant impact on the success of my organisation.

Sam Refshauge, CEO, Batyr

Partners You Can Trust

The ASX Corporate Governance Principles promote organisations acting ethically and responsibly by working with business partners like meetmagic that create a safe workplace, is honest, and acts responsibly towards the environment.

Plus, you can rest assured that our internal code of ethics and business practices uphold a commitment to ethical behaviour and accountability for the choices we make.

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The meetings organised by meetmagic have been amazing. Great conversations, and great results for our business success far. And what a good feeling that 50% of my investment, that I would have made in any case, support a good cause.

Andreas Dzumla, CEO, LongtailUX


Faster Path To Impact

By setting appointments faster than you can say ‘social impact’ meetmagic helps move new revenue to charities faster than traditional donation methods so they can support the people who need it most.

Plus, with meetmagic you can see every dollar you contribute to Australia’s not for profit organisations with real time communications and proof of payment delivered straight to your inbox. Fifty percent of every appointment setting fee is delivered to the charity of choice, every time. 

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Complete Oversight

Access, control, and collaborate over which organisations you team meet with through our integrated approval process.

Stronger Return On Investment

Results from various studies prove that engaged executives contributing to the companies CSR goals, are more likely to outperform those less engaged


Access new contacts you didn’t know existed with the largest shared-value creating network in Australia. 


Meaningful Connections

Support your team connect with the right person at the right time by accessing vetted suppliers and like-minded customers. 


We're growing and we're here to help you challenge traditional thinking to deconstruct the way people create meaning through conversations. By designing the right connections between the right people, we set in motion positive change for everyone.



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let us help you change the world, one meeting at a time. 


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