ESG is the LOVE that leads to profits.

Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance refers to the three central factors in measuring the sustainability and societal impact of your company.

These criteria help to better determine your future financial performance 

Stakeholders expect more information and accountability from companies on ESG reporting. Two in five ASX 200 companies are currently coming up short.

Download the PWC report ‘ESG Reporting - are we keeping pace?’ for analysis of reporting at Australia’s top 200 companies.

Meetings that matter

Imagine a world where your regular business meetings resulted in raising money for the communities you care about.
Where your ESG initiatives were effortlessly integrated into your business practices.
Where the leadership teams daily business meetings resulted in a measurable social impact...oh
And profits and wellbeing are up as a result..

Transform the way your organisation creates shared-value and change the world.

The future of work

"Reporting has to change, and change fast. It took decades of creative, inclusive discussion and experience to get to the clear and widely accepted standards we have today for financial reporting... We need an Apollo program to develop the new global reporting regime, focused on a clear goal: a globally aligned set of reliable, comparable non-financial reporting standards. Today, no business can succeed without conforming to financial reporting standards.
The same should be true for non-financial reporting, with equivalent levels of governance, assurance, incentives and sanctions for non-compliance.”
Bob Mortiz, Global Chairman, PwC

As a charity leader I often find that the most important conversations, for the success of my organisation, are the one's that I'm not even in. And that is exactly what meetmagic facilitates. The important conversations that have a significant impact on the success of my organisation.

Sam Refshauge, CEO, Batyr

Ready for Doing Good?


"What a wonderful idea to combine business with philanthropy"

Peter Allen CEO Scentre Group
The operator of Westfield Shopping Centres

Faster path to impact

By setting appointments faster than you can say ‘social impact’ meetmagic helps move new revenue to charities faster than traditional donation methods so they can support the people who need it most.


Complete Vision

Access, control, and collaborate over which organisations you team meet with through our integrated approval process.

Stronger Return On Investment

Results from various studies prove that engaged executives contributing to the companies ESG goals, are more likely to outperform those less engaged


Access new contacts you didn’t know existed with the largest shared-value creating network in Australia. 


Meaningful Connection

Support your team connect with the right person at the right time by accessing vetted suppliers and like-minded customers. 

Connect today to meet with senior decision-makers from leading global companies.

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