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Grow your philanthropic impact and solve key business challenges at the same time

Givers Glow

The number one human need is "Contribution" followed by "Growth". Combine these two and you find yourself feeling fulfilled in life AND work.
"I am sure we can all free some time up to understand new options, avenues, models and partners - and doing good in this way is also hugely rewarding." Anastasia Cammaroto  Chief Information Officer, Consumer, Strategy & Enterprise Services Westpac Group

Meet with suppliers and change the world at the same time.
By moving a little time to things you care about, magic happens.

Stronger Brand Image

While corporate social responsibility and cause marketing campaigns receive the attention they deserve, real brand success lies in creating shared value. Working with meetmagic allows you to demonstrate the role you play in aligning business outcomes and social impact.

By taking one meeting you directly impact the lives your preferred charity supports and also paves the way for your organisation to align economic growth with social impact.


"I get dozens of direct contact and meeting requests each week from vendors and integrators but the USP of "meetmagic" in acting as an introductory agent and offering a charitable donation to a cause of your choice when you do meet, is just such a simple, effective and unique way to persuade me to find that 1/2 hour in my busy schedule"

Andrew Hopkins, Head of IT Strategy, Architecture & Performance Management QBE 

Complete Oversight

Through our integrated approval and scheduling process, we ensure each meeting is vetted and relevant to your organisation. 

Privacy Guaranteed 

Your information on meetings are in safe hands. Only you can see who you’re meeting with and we never disclose your sensitive information.

Stronger Governance

Transparency - Work with business partners like meetmagic that create a safe workplace, are honest, and act responsibly towards the environment.


Our internal code of ethics and business practices uphold a commitment to ethical behaviour and accountability for the choices we make.

Wow! What a sensational initiative. meetmagic brings people together in an authentic communion of professional business opportunity and social justice. It is unparalleled in its commitment to innovation and networking - all to the equal benefit of Not For Profits's and those involved in dynamic networking processes.

Sean O'Donoghue, Chief Financial Officer, Cuscal


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