Meet With Some of the Biggest Names in Technology

Collaborate with Starlight Children's Foundation with each meeting bringing happiness to 18 sick children 💫

Take meetings with the 'A team' from Google, Okta, Crowdstrike, Github, Kaspersky, Netskope, Auth0, Workato and many more.
Have meetings that count.
Every single one of our meetings is curated to suit the best interest of our executives. Once on-board, we will notify our vendors of your potential availability. They will come back to us with a pitch, if we deem it suitable, we will contact you.
It's up to you to accept or decline that meeting invite.
No one likes to be sold to! That's why we encourage all of our vendors to lead with a social purpose and ditch the sales pitch at the door. 
If the meeting is the end of the road, both parties leave knowing that the meeting had an impact. 18 seriously ill children and their families will be able to access support for the entire length of their hospital stay!
Eight months ago I had a baby girl. It really hit home what's important to you in your life. Meeting for Good is business as usual, making a difference." 
Nick Molnar, CEO & Co-Founder, Afterpay

End to end, this has been a positive experience. Well managed, good communication, relevant, not pushy or sales driven. A smart approach to connecting people, learning about capabilities and helping kids. Thank you for existing in our world!"
Alison Stretch, CISO, ME Bank

"An absolute pleasure! We had a great conversation, a lot of laughs and a good connection. I’d love to do more for the kids and families!"
Jeroen Bleeker, Chief Digital Officer, Mercedes Benz Australia

I’ve now taken three (virtual) meetings so far and have enjoyed the conversations with all three vendors and potentially collaborating with them in the future."
Lucy Yueting Liu, Co-Founder, Airwallex

"What a wonderful idea to combine business and philanthropy.”
Peter Allen, CEO Scentre Group & Operator Westfield

Reimagine the way you work

Grow your philanthropic impact and solve key business challenges all in a meeting.

Who's it for?

We bring vendors and executives together for curated business discussions.


All of our vendors are leading global companies with a reputation for innovation.

As an executive, you will have the opportunity to take meetings with leaders from our 30+ companies including Google, Dell, Okta, Blackberry, Github, Crowdstrike, Kaspersky, and more.


Join a community of executives from companies including Daimler Mobility, Deloitte, Engie, E&Y, Goldman Sachs, NAB, Publicis Groupe, Telstra Health, Wesfarmers, Westpac, and many more.


70% of the meeting price paid by a vendor is donated to the Starlight Children's foundation.

The Meeting for Good campaign with Starlight has so far raised over $240,000.

Let's disrupt the way we do business together.

Submit the form to see whether you are eligible to participate. 

1. Donate 45 minutes of your time.
2. Take a meeting with the best problem solvers from a leading global tech company.
3. We'll donate 70%, enabling Starlight to help 18 sick kids for every meeting held.
It's business as usual, doing good.