Michael Harte COO Santander UK

"Why would you want to meet any other way if you wish to create purpose and meaning in business relationships”

Peter Allen CEO Scentre Group & Operator Westfield

"What a wonderful idea to combine business and philanthropy.”

Elizabeth Bingham Regional Marketing Manager APAC Auth0

"It's important that we engage with enterprises through meaningful channels, that's exactly what Meeting for Good provides. We've completed more than 35 meetings in 6 months across Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. It doesn't get much better than this: a program that connects peers and leaders and supports children and families in need!"

 Jeroen Bleeker Chief Digital Officer Mercedes Benz Australia

"An absolute pleasure! We had a great conversation, a lot of laughs and a good connection. I’d love to do more for the kids and families!"

Darren Brown Managing Director, Australia & New Zealand Travelex

"meetmagic is a great initiative and led me to have meetings that were all worthwhile. Very happy to support Starlight Children’s Foundation Australia!"

Tony Burnside VP Asia Netskope

"Most effective marketing campaign in all our careers."

 Anastasia Cammaroto CIO - Consumer, Strategy & Enterprise Services Westpac Group

"I am sure we can all free some time up to understand new options, avenues, models and partners - and doing good in this way is also hugely rewarding."

Seth Cornwall Sales Manager Teneo

"I've been endlessly impressed by the quality of meetings I've been having after teaming up with meetmagic. The pressure is off and you can have a proper first conversation. No matter who you're meeting. An excellent solution to an age-old problem."

Susan Doniz Group CIO QANTAS

                                                                                                       "It’s a great initiative."

Chloe Fryar Regional Marketing Manager Crowdstrike

"From a numbers perspective, we’re getting that accelerated traction in opportunities. Ultimately, (we’re) getting new connections and it’s all for a great cause!"

Patrick Grove Co-founder & CEO Catcha Group

"This is an awesome initiative. I've pledged my time for #meetingforgood."

Manas Gautam Regional Director Mindtree

"I am so grateful to gain access to an account that I'd found it impossible for 2 years to get into."

Stuart Hamilton GM Global Technology Services Breville

"Happy to be a part of this fantastic initiative helping the Starlight Children's Foundation Australia

Rob James CIO Vodafone

"It's very little of my time that gets taken up, it's for an important cause and I think everyone should get involved."

Richard Marr Managing Director APAC Auth0

"A fantastic initiative that our team is proud to be a part of. It adds enormous value to our business, allowing us to meet and build relationships with senior enterprise leaders in the region while at the same time supporting Starlight, a foundation close to my heart."

Andrew Matuszczak Former Chief Information & Technology Officer Wesfarmers

"meetmagic takes the clutter out of your mailbox and creates meaningful discussions with vendors whilst helping people by doing what we already do."

Nick Molnar CEO & Co-Founder Afterpay

"Eight months ago I had a baby girl. It really hit home what's important to you in your life. Meeting for Good is business as usual, making a difference." 

Ken Nichols Head of Architecture - IT Common Platform Lend Lease

"If you haven't looked into meetmagic, please do. Curated introductions to hand-selected members who *really* want to talk to you (even if it's to just get your angle on our industry) - and Starlight get a generous donation in return for your time."

Sean O’Donoghue CFO Cuscal

"As executives, we arrange and take meetings every day, how great is it that I can not only continue to be discerning about who I meet with but know that worthy causes are now also benefiting from it - from something I do every day anyway!"

Nathan Slattery Head of IT Operations & Infrastructure Services Goodman Fielder

"Children are our future, to take a bit of time out to help support a fantastic organization is a small sacrifice on my part, plus the conversations have been great and free-flowing."

Alison Stretch CISO ME Bank

"End to end, this has been a positive experience. Well managed, good communication, relevant, not pushy or sales driven. A smart approach to connecting people, learning about capabilities and helping kids. Thank you for existing in our world!"

Sam Voukenas Enterprise Account Executive DELL Technologies

"meetmagic gives you access to the right people and leads to feel-good meetings helping a great cause.”

 Ad Wolst Cyber Security Risk & Assurance Manager Ausnet Services Ltd.

"Great way to support children; get on board!"

 Lucy Yueting Liu Co-founder Airwallex

"I’ve now taken three (virtual) meetings so far and have enjoyed the conversations with all three vendors and potentially collaborating with them in the future."

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