You Agree Tech Girls are Superheroes right? 

So what if you could show your support and raise funds by simply having coffee with a supplier?
Well, now you can!

I want to help

1 Business meeting = $500 for TGM

“What a wonderful idea to combine business and philanthropy” 
  Peter Allen, CEO Scentre Group, operator of Westfield Shopping Centres

Could it get any easier?

As a decision maker, you probably have IT suppliers and vendors constantly trying to get time with you to sell their products. It's a function of your daily work routine.
So wouldn't it be great if you could support the Tech Girl Movement by simply taking a regular supplier or vendor business meeting?
Well, now you can.
Join our movement of big-hearted executives and ask your PA to direct one or 2 meetings per month via meetmagic.
"Workplace Giving" at it's BEST.
Each time a supplier book's a regular business meeting with you, meetmagic will donate $500 to TGM on your behalf.
The more business meetings you make over coffee, lunch or dinner, the more funds you raise for TGM. It's that easy.

Ready to raise TGM some funds?

Simply send us your details and we will do the rest to get you plugged into the "easiest way ever" to show your support.
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