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A free platform for executives to build relationships with industry leaders, stay up-to-date on the latest trends and make the world a better place 

Schedule time with leading global technology partners and the booking fee goes to a charity of your choice. A new way to network, stay up to date and make a tangible difference along the way.


Do you want to feel a sense of purpose at work? Join our circle of magic.

Over 1000+ members have networked and helped raise more than $2m for charities around the world, 



David Cowan

Link Group



Luis Uguina

Macquarie Bank
Chief Digital Officer



Brad Blyth

Chief Information Officer

$ 10,500


Andrew Matuszczak


Chief Information & Technology Officer

$ 10,500


Luke Jarmaine

QBE Insurance
Global Head of Security Strategy 



Ian Forrester

Chief Information Officer

$ 7,700


Jamie Newman

Dennis Family Homes
Chief Digital Officer



Simon Reiter

Aware Super
Chief Technology Officer



Brian Ferris

Loyalty NZ
Chief Technology, Data Officer



Alvin Rubyono

Origin Energy
Chief Technology Officer



Lavinia Rarinca

Head of Transformation Excellence



Anastasia Cammaroto

CIO Personal Banking & Digital



Michael Ross

Chief Technology Officer



Steve Jurkovich

Kiwi Bank
Chief Executive Officer



Mathias Fuchs

Holcim Australia
Chief Procurement Officer



Paul Keen

Tyro Payments

Chief Technology Officer



Nisha Clark

Abano Healthcare
Chief Information Officer



Roxanne Salton

Southern Cross
Chief Digital Officer

This is an invite only platform for leaders. Apply now and check your eligibility. 

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Airteam are changing the game - with purpose 

Transform your digital experience with a customer software solution designed by Australia's top software development company.

How it works

Transforming how the business world connects

Review your matches.  Connect with the worlds best technology leaders.  Be a force for social good.

Create a profile, add your screening preferences 

Let AI find the most relevant connections for you to meet with

Schedule time with a new connection and a local charity gets $700

Personalised Matches

meetmagic bridges the gap between your busy schedule, successful business meetings and giving back.

Our Ai technology manages the scheduling and provides you with everything you’d expect from a Business to Business matchmaking service (as well as the ability to give back).

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What you get:

  • Personalised matches by our intelligent algorithms 
  • Smart scheduling and in-platform video meeting tool. 
  • Customised profiles so can share what you need and what you're interested in.
  • Options to request information, solution ideas, pitch responses and meetings from our market network.

the 'magic circle'

This is where you get to communicate with all of the other executives.  A peer to peer network full of good people

An exclusive, closed user group to engage with thousands of executives who can help take your business to new heights. meetmagic matches are designed to help you find solutions to your business needs. Every meeting is designed to help you discover new partnerships, better understand emerging trends, and ultimately help your organisation succeed. You also get to join a peer group community of executives to learn from.

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How we do it? 

  • The companies you meet with have been vetted to ensure purpose & problem solving come before profit. 
  • Powerpoint presentations & product demonstrations are discouraged. Real conversations are the key. 
  • Hard-selling is off the table. 
  • As an executive member, you control who you meet. Accept or decline any request. You’re in control. 
  • We personally onboard every new executive member and new vendor. And we also follow up after each meeting to check in

Support Causes In Need

For every meeting you accept we give 70% of our fees to a charity partner.

So you get to "Do Good" whilst learning from emerging technology vendors who are looking for advice & guidance. Where are you?

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With each 45min meetmagic connection, we donate $700 to charity. Each 45 min meeting you join could: 

  • Support 18 seriously ill children via Starlight Children's Foundation.
  • Help 5 families through their NICU journey with Miracle Babies. 
  • Retire up to 340 tonnes of C02 from the atmosphere. 
  • Support 20 children suffering cancer at Camp Quality.
  • Provide nutritious food to 10 low income families for a whole month.
  • Provide new clothing to 140 vulnerable people.
  • Delivery hospital play and events to 300 families in hospital via Starlight Foundation.

meet world class companies & accelerate your path to carbon neutral

Build a profile for doing good and capture your professional identity better than anywhere else on the web. 

"meetmagic stops unnecessary meetings from polluting your schedule, while cleaning up the air."

-Rory Sutherland, meetmagic Global Chief Evangelist
& Vice Chairman, Ogilvy UK

Frequently asked questions

Is meetmagic free to join?

For approved executives, leaders, and entrepreneurs, meetmagic is absolutely free to join.

All we ask is that you enter our platform with a commitment to engage technology and business subject matter experts to better understand how they can support your next project. So, while it's free to join, the value you'll be creating for charities is exponential - 45mins of your time to explore commercial opportunities means that we donate $700 to a charity of choice. The more meetings, the more we donate.

What is the eligibility criteria to join meetmagic?

Our platform is for decision makers with more than 50 operating staff and for entrepreneurs with a strong business plan backed by funding.

If you're a vendor seeking to join, we must warn you, the waiting list is growing. We ask that you be socially minded, operate in technology or business transformation fields, and be open to talking with our Executive members on their terms. That means no hard selling, no laborious product demos, and most of all desire to help our members achieve their goals. If you’re unsure about eligibility, please get in touch with us and we will organise a quick chat to discuss suitability of our platform for you.

How are meetings scheduled?

The platform does all the work for you.

After you complete your profile you will receive some recommendations and meeting requests. Your new request will outline which company is seeking 45mins of your time; as well as what they wish to discuss. If you decide you would like to meet this company, find out about their solutions, AND ensure $700 is donated to your charity of choice, simply accept the meeting and share when and how.

What can I expect from the meetings?

meetmagic members are focused on building relationships and sharing information, insights, and case studies which may be of mutual interest and value.

The overwhelming benefit is that meetmagic filters out unvetted people and curates commercially advantageous meetings for you, whilst giving to your chosen charity. Unlike in-person conferences or LinkedIn, meetmagic vets everyone that applies and only accepts the highest quality members to the platform. Of the 1000s of leaders, executives and entrepreneurs who already use meetmagic to take their business meetings, 95% of them rated the meeting as an insightful, informative and valuable use of their time.

Who funds the donations?

Not you. 

For individuals from organisations seeking to meet with senior leaders in our community, meetmagic charges an annual subscription fee, as well as a fee for every meeting booked. 70% of each booking fee goes to the charity partner of the senior leaders choice once the meeting has happened.

This seems too good to be true. How do I know that this is legitimate? 

We are a purpose before profit business. 

Our model is a brokerage service, but instead of keeping the fees for our business, we pass them through to our charity partners. We are very clear that 70% of fees paid by our vetted and curated vendors goes straight to charity partners that you select.

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