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Audio Interview with Founder & CEO Carl Gough

Qantas Talking Business is n Inflight Entertainment Radio Program, Hosted by Alan Kohler. Each Month Business Leaders, Entrepreneurs and Innovators Are Interviewed About Their Expertise, Business, and Careers. Listen To Our Founder and CEO Introduce meetmagic.

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meetmagic Has Already Started Changing the Way Companies Connect With Decision Making Executives to Create Social Impact. 

Whether it is experiencing the best access to business connections or being the first to hear about innovative solutions that can transform business; all reports are singing the same tune - every day business meetings are now changing the lives of those in need. 


Sustainable Charity Fundraising


Are You a Charity?

With so many causes competing for the elusive dollar, isn't it time to find a new innovative way to raise funds?

Not for profit organisations are already feeling the impact of our new sustainable revenue streams by supporting our efforts. 
If fundraising is a constant headache for you. Would you like to find a better way to keep funds coming in?

The answers are here at meetmagic

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A 1-hour business meeting raised $500 that changed the lives of three young schoolgirls. Read more to find out how you can help.

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The team at Teneo Pty Ltd opened their minds and are reaping the rewards. Read more on their journey to stronger leads and fuller hearts.

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Engage executives in your Corporate Social Responsibility program by connecting with meetmagic customers.

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We're growing and we're here to help you challenge traditional thinking to deconstruct the way people create meaning through conversations. By designing the right connections between the right people, we set in motion positive change for everyone.



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