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Book a meeting with one of our C-Level Executives for $1000 then we contribute 70% to bring happiness to sick kids.

Booking a C-Level meeting has never been this easy, and never has it been more rewarding.
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Book a meeting with our C-level executives for only $1,000, then we contribute $700 to bring happiness to sick kids.

Booking a C-Level meeting has never been this easy, and never has it been more rewarding.
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Each meeting booked brings happiness to 18 sick kids in hospital.

In 2020 hundreds of executives and decision-makers from Australia's top businesses will pledge 45 minutes to take a Starlight Meeting for Good.

These meetings bring vendors and business leaders together to discuss big ideas and innovations, while bringing happiness to sick kids in hospital. 

"I am sure we can all free some time up to understand new options/avenues/models and partners - and doing good in this way is also hugely rewarding." Anastasia Cammaroto  Chief Information Officer, Consumer, Strategy & Enterprise Services Westpac Group

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Watch to hear from participating executives like:

  * Nick Molnar, Afterpay

  * Lucy Liu, Airwallex

  * Sean O'Donoghue, Cuscal

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As a "for purpose" enterprise, we deliver a positive impact by contributing 70% of our fees directly to Starlight Children's Foundation.

We believe everyone needs to be actively thinking about the impact they make and the legacy they leave. That's why we’re passionate about connecting business leaders with technology companies to engage in conversations that count

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2. CONTRIBUTE - 70% of our meeting fees go to Starlight "Meeting for Good"
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We help sales professionals to meet directly with leading decision-makers, all while increasing corporate social responsibility for executives, and making a difference to those in need.


We are engaging hundreds of C Level executives and IT decision makers from Australia's top businesses to pledge their time to meet you and make a difference


It's a simple yet very powerful way to grow your philanthropic impact and solve key business challenges at the same time.



A large portion of our fees are usually contributed to the charity of the executives choice, but for now, we are running a special meeting for good campaign with Starlight.


"As executives, we arrange and take meetings everyday, how great is it that I can not only continue to be discerning about who I meet with, but know that worthy causes are now also benefiting from it - from something I do everyday anyway!”


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